The San Francisco Fil-Am Lions Club, like all other Lions Clubs throughout the world, offers membership by invitation only. Potential members must be sponsored by a current member of the club in good standing.

As a Lions Club Member, you’ll join a local group of service-minded men and women who volunteer to support your community every day. You’ll also become a member of Lions Clubs International – a respected international organization, a leader in your local community, and a friend to people in need.

Becoming a Lion

Step 1: Attend one of our regular meetings or service activities to experience what Lionism is all about.

Step 2: Be sponsored by one of our active members

Step 3: Print and fill out the Lions Clubs International membership application, and pay your dues to the Club Treasurer.

Step 4: Get inducted as a new member at our annual Installation of Officers and Induction of New Members event, or at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Membership Types

  • Regular member: The majority of the Lions in the club.

  • Associate member: Lions who are regular members of another club, but regularly participate in the activities of our club and have been given a title by the club to respect that. Associate members pay reduced dues, but do not have the full privileges of regular members.

  • Honorary member: A person who has been granted associate membership to the club as an honorary title, for some great service to the club or the International Association.

  • Leo Lion member: A Lion member who has previously served as a Leo. Leo Lions pay reduced dues up until the age of 30.

Membership Dues

The regular membership dues of the San Francisco Fil-Am Lions Club is $90/year.

For a Family Unit (members living in the same household), each additional family member pays only $70/year.

There are additional special criteria for reduced dues, which can be found in the LCI Membership Opportunities document (me105).

SF Fil-Am Lions Fees

Lions Onboarding

As a Lion member, you join a larger community of fellow Lions and clubs spread throughout the world. The San Francisco Fil-Am Lions Club is a member of District 4-C4, which comprises of all Lions clubs in the San Francisco County, San Mateo County, and the city of Palo Alto. This is all under the underarching umbrella of Lions Clubs International, our global service organization.

There are many ways to get involved in the many levels of Lions Clubs.

Club Level

The San Francisco Fil-Am Lion Club

  • Attend meetings

  • Join and serve in one of our service projects

  • Propose a new service project

  • Become an officer or serve in one of our committees

District Level

District 4-C4 is San Francisco and San Mateo Counties and the City of Palo Alto


  • Attend monthly Council Meetings (the San Francisco Coordinating Council of Lions Club)

  • Attend quarterly District Cabinet Meetings

  • Attend the annual District Convention

Multiple District Level

MD4 is the State of California


  • Attend the annual Multiple District Convention

  • Participate in one of the MD4 service projects, like Youth Exchange or Lions in Sight

  • Donate to the California Lions Foundation

International Level

Lions Clubs International, our global organization


  • Attend the annual International Convention (LCICon)

  • Particpate in trainings, online or in person

  • Donate to the Lions Clubs International Foundation, our charity, and become a Melvin Jones Fellow